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What is rapid prototyping?

What is rapid prototyping? For every company, prototyping has become an essential part of any design and development process. Traditionally, in order to create a prototype, you actually need to ...

What is product prototype testing?

What is product prototype testing?To put it simply, product prototype testing is a user testing method. It mainly uses product prototypes to quickly test and verify whether existing concepts and as...

what is the advantages and disadvantages atprototyping methods?

Each rapid prototyping method has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the factors that make it best for certain projects.1. 3D printing rapid prototyping3D printing is a relatively new pro...

What are the options for metal prototyping?

What are the options for metal prototyping?metal prototyping costs more than making an equivalent part in plastic, so our first question is, does it really have to be metal?

Material Choices and Benefits for Metal Prototypes

Material Choices and Benefits for Metal PrototypesIn response to customer demand, metal prototyping has rapidly grown to become the solution of choice for a wide range of industries. Through these ...

What is a product prototype? Why do we need to?

What is a product prototype? Why do we need to?In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the product industry, people have also begun to realize the importance of prototypes. Because that...

Rapid prototype

First of all, we must clear a concept, what is a prototype. A prototype is the most basic practical model of a product. Lines and graphics are generally used for design, which is a concrete embodim...

Sheet metal processing process

According to the difference in the structure of sheet metal parts, the sheet metal processing process can be different, but basically no more than the following points: 1. Blanking of sheet meta...

Changes in sheet metal processing technology!

Changes in sheet metal processing technology! First, the conventional sheet metal processing technology is to use: Shearing - punching - bending - welding process or flame plasma cutting - be...

Common materials and drawing review of sheet metal processing

1. Common materials for sheet metal processing1. Sheet metal processing galvanized steel sheet SECCThe substrate of SECC is ordinary cold-rolled steel coil, which becomes an electro-galvanized prod...

Four tools commonly used in sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing generally requires the cooperation of tools, and good tools can often do more with less and speed up work efficiency. And what are the tools commonly used by general sheet me...

Do small production runs as well as prototype work

Do small production runs as well as prototype workIf your company is looking to develop a product using plastic injection and some machining? If your company is need to do small production runs...

What are the advantages of 3D printing?

What are the advantages of 3D printing?1. Various iterations of the creation of 3D prototype printing3D printing gives you more freedom than any other manufacturing technology. Since your objects a...

Which materials should I choose for 3D printing prototypes?

1. What is the first thing to check for 3D prototype printing?When using an online 3D prototyping service like Sculpteo to improve the prototyping process, you can use a variety of materials and te...

How to choose the best material for 3D printing prototypes?

How to choose the best material for 3D printing prototypes?The choice of your 3D printing material really depends on your project. Below is our selection of the most commonly used materials for pro...

Factory Technical Specification for CNC programming engineers

Factory Technical Specification for CNC programming engineers 1. Define the responsibilities of the programmer -- take full responsibility for the processing quality, processing efficiency, cost ...

What materials are used to manufacture injection molds?

What materials are used to manufacture injection molds?As is known to all, injection molding processing of injection mold material selection determines the quality of the injection mo...

Exhaust of rapid injection molding

Exhaust of injection mold is a problem that can not be ignored in mold design. Poor exhaust can cause numerous problems. For example: air holes, holes, burning, air bubbles, silver lines on the sur...

How to reduce the processing cost of injection mold

How to reduce the processing cost of injection mold Reasonable and effective reduction of injection mold processing cost, They can effectively improve t...

Precision injection mould for automobile Parts

Precision injection mould for automobileAccording to the needs of customers, all injection mold sliders are made of wear-resistant steel blocks, Each will be engraved w...

Aircraft sheet metal manufacturing

Aircraft sheet metal manufacturing technology is an important part of aerospace manufacturing engineering and one of the important manufacturing technologies to realize aircraft structural characte...

CNC precision parts customized processing process

CNC precision parts customized processing processWhen we talk about industry, machine shops top the list for customizing machined parts. They are places where individual customers can tailor indivi...

Sheet metal parts structural design specification and process rationality requirements

Sheet metal parts structural design specification and process rationality requirementsSheet metal parts is the most important and the most common structural parts design form, it is made of sheet ...

3D Metal Printing In The Medical Industry

Fast manufacturing and high precision of medical implants are crucial. Metallic additive manufacturing is opening new possibilities for medical and dental application. The medical and dental indust...

3D printing & CNC Machining A Mixed Approach To Precision Manufacturing

Peter Jacobs, Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters shares how a meaningful combination of CNC machining and 3D Printing can help manufacture even the most intricate parts and boost overall p...

Rapid prototype For CNC milling

Focused on milling – the process of machining using rotating tools to gradually remove material from a workpiece – CNC milling machines are a mainstay for factories around the world. These machine ...

The best one Stop rapid prototype factory in Shenzhen China

We are your reliable R & D partner. From CAD design to hand-Made model, it is finally presented to your team faster than ever before. We use the latest rapid prototyping technology to meet your d...

Rapid Prototyping Drives Auto Industry Research & Development

Rapid prototyping as a comprehensive manufacturing service, it combines modern RP technology, traditional CNC machining technology, and rapid tooling technology. Its purpose is to provide design ve...

Professional Custom CNC Automotive Plastic Rapid Prototype Car Parts Spare Parts Prototype

Proto-mold is a market leader in Rapid Product Development, producing functional prototypes, automotive prototype, medical prototypes, SLA/SLS and Vacuum Casting(RTV), Low Volume production and S...

Vehicle work for CNC car dashboard

CNC Car dashboard and door panel prototype Analyze the data according to the process requirements, and modify the data (such as welding fixation, Leather, pond molding, etc.)The welding place needs...

Vacuum Casting for silicone mold Prototype Manufacturer

Vacuum Casting for Prototype Manufacturer Before mass production, if you need small batch production for plastic material, vacuum casting is the best choice for you.

medical applications of 3D Printing AL and stainless parts

Materialise Medical has pioneered many leading medical applications of 3D Printing and is enabling researchers, engineers, and clinicians to revolutionize innovative personalized treatment that hel...

Metal 3D printing

How Does Metal 3D Printing Work?Metal 3D Printing is a laser-based technology that uses powdered metals. Similar to Laser Sintering, a high-powered laser selectively binds together particles on the...

China CNC rapid prototype and injection molding manufacturing

Proto-mold: Furnishing customers with profound prototype manufacturing servicesSummary: This article is written to influence the readers and urges them to think aboutProto-mold’s prototype manufac...

Plastic injection molding factory custom plastic mold processing nylon plastic injection mold

Proto-mold: Mode|-|Plastic Injection Mould:Name|-|Plastic injection molded factory:Product Material|-|Plastic, Nylon,ABS,PP,POM:Mould Material|-|S136, P20, 718H , 2738:Certification|-|Rohs,Reach,FD...

custom ABS CNC parts resin prototype plastic case silicone mold vacuum casting

A prototype is also called a model or a mock-up. Proto-mold has been using CNC machining, SLA prototyping, vacuum casting , reaction injection molding and all inclusive surface treatment techniqu...

Professional mock-up and rapid prototyping company In China

Professional mock-up and rapid prototyping company In China

CNC Machining Custom Manufacturers Plastic Nylon Aluminum Metal Prototype 3d Printing Service

High Quality CNC OEM Machining SupplierMaterialsMetal: Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless steel & Steel, BrassPlastic: POM, PEEK, ABS, Nylon, PVC, Acrylic, etc.ProcessingCNC turning, CNC milling, CNC tu...

High Quality CNC Rapid Prototype SLA SLS 3D Printing Service

High Quality CNC Rapid Prototype SLA SLS 3D Printing Service In ShenZhen China.

Surface finishing

In Industry Proto-mold Limited , we can finish every surface finishing at the Metal and plastic materials.

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is generally considered to be for prototyping but there is an increasing trend towards using it forproduction. So when does it make sense to switch to or consider

CNC Milling Parts

We are a reliable supplier of machined plastic and metal components. Here at Prototype Projects, we are set up to supply prototype and low volume production quantities...
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