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With the development of modern industry, the demand for precision metal parts is increasing.

These parts are often used in aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and other fields, requiring extremely high dimensional accuracy, surface quality and material.

1. Cutting technology

1.1 CNC Milling   machine

Precision metal parts are often cut by computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

CNC technology precisely controls the movement of the tool through pre-programmed instructions to achieve high-precision cutting of metal materials.

The wide application of CNC machine tools has improved the production efficiency and machining accuracy.

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1.2 Application of superhard tools

The use of superhard tools, such as carbide tools or ceramic tools, can maintain a longer time of tool sharpness during the machining process, improve cutting efficiency, and is suitable for processing metal materials with higher hardness.

2. Precision forming technology

2.1 Precision Casting

Precision casting technology through the precision mold and high temperature metal liquid injection, to achieve high precision forming of metal parts.

This method is suitable for complex shapes and mass-produced parts, while providing excellent surface quality.

2.2 EDM

Edm uses the principle of electric pulse discharge to strip metal from the surface of the Parts to achieve high-precision machining of parts.

This non-contact machining is suitable for metals with higher hardness, such as titanium and stainless steel.

3. Surface treatment technology

3.1 Polishing and grinding

Through polishing and grinding processes, the surface finish and flatness of precision metal parts can be improved.

This is especially important for applications that require the appearance and surface quality of parts.

3.2 Coating technology

Coating technology is often used to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of parts.

For example, the use of chromium or nickel plating process can effectively protect the metal surface and extend the service life of parts.

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4. Application scenarios and challenges

4.1 Application Scenarios

Aerospace field: Precision metal parts are used in aircraft engines, aircraft structures, etc., with strict requirements for size and weight.

Medical equipment: Medical devices often use precision metal parts, such as artificial joints, surgical instruments, etc., requiring a high degree of precision and biocompatibility.

Automotive manufacturing: Precision parts such as engine parts and brake systems play an important role in automotive manufacturing.

4.2 Challenges and Solutions

Material selection: According to the characteristics of different metal materials, it is necessary to choose the appropriate processing technology and tool material.

High temperature treatment: Some parts need to undergo high temperature treatment, which puts higher requirements on processing technology and equipment.

Complex structure: For parts with complex structure, flexible processing technology and advanced CNC machine tools are required.


The continuous development of precision metal parts processing technology provides more efficient and sophisticated manufacturing solutions for various industries.

When dealing with challenges, it is not only necessary to continuously pay attention to new processing technologies and equipment, but also to choose the most suitable processing method according to the specific application scenario.

Through the comprehensive application of cutting, forming and surface treatment technology, it can better meet the requirements of high quality and high precision for precision metal parts.

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