Car interior rapid prototype leath coating

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Automotive interior system is an important part of the car body, the interior system design workload accounts for more than 60% of the car design workload, far more than the car shape, is one of the important parts of the body. Each auto plant usually has a large automotive interior team, the automotive interior coating process, to complete the large number of engineering work related to the interior of the automotive interior coating process is becoming more and more widely used in the production of hand panel samples. In the early days, this kind of interior coating was only used in the production of show cars. With the gradual improvement of manufacturing technology, the automobile hand plate is also in the common progress of the manufacturing industry, and the hand plate sample and the silicone film small batch automobile interior trim parts are also available. Hard and soft covering, seam covering, punching covering and other requirements.

Car interior Leather coating

Automobile inner door panel in the production of hand plate sample, silicone composite film sample, the door panel white piece will be made after the post-processing process. In the post-processing, the inner door panel will basically do some hard coating, hard coating the biggest skill, the outer surface of the white blank parts of the inner door panel is relatively high, and the appearance of the coated surface is not smooth after the common hand sample is done with hard coating. Convex hull or concave phenomenon, the cause of this defective product is that the surface polishing of the hand plate sample is not in place. As long as the polishing is smooth and the data is checked accurately, the quality of the covered door panel is basically no quality problem.

The soft coating of the automobile prototype sample is generally used in the position that is easily accessible to people such as the automobile bridge, the instrument panel, the armrest box cover, and the automobile inner door armrest. The soft-coated sample of the Rapid prototypes will be sandwiched between a layer of soft sponge three millimeters thick as a soft cushion.

In advance, a three-millimeter deep pit is reserved in the hard layer of the hand plate, the soft sponge cushion layer is put into the pit, coated with sponge glue, and then spread on the soft automotive cortex, the fixture temperature increase and soft pressure, the cortex, the sponge layer and the hard sample three layers of joint forming.

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