Changes in sheet metal processing technology!

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Changes in sheet metal processing technology!

First, the conventional sheet metal processing technology is to use:

Shearing - punching - bending - welding process or flame plasma cutting - bending - welding process. In the face of multi-variety, small batch, customized, high-quality, short-delivery orders, it shows obvious incompatibility. The laser cutting process appears as an alternative process of "shear-punch", which has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility.

At the same time, most people also think that its cost is high. It is usually used in the manufacture of special-shaped (or complex-shaped) workpieces and samples (single or very small batches). But as low-volume manufacturing becomes more common, so does the need for laser cutting.

Second, when re-examining the new sheet metal processing technology:

During laser cutting-bending-welding/riveting, due to the high flexibility and high precision of laser cutting, and the maturity and popularization of 3D design technology, users can benefit from new designs and new processes, thereby reducing costs and shortening construction periods. requirements. So new sheet metal processes start with design: design laser cutting, bending, welding/riveting.

The following are some examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.

1. Under the traditional process, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now, one cut and bend is done. Achieve the purpose of reducing the process, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost

2. Under the traditional process, special fixtures are configured for welding. Now the parts use a process similar to woodworking tenon, accurate positioning, time saving, simple welding fixture, and small deformation of the product. The purpose of shortening the construction period, reducing the cost and improving the quality has been achieved.

3. The multiple bending process has become popular in China's box manufacturing industry. The advantage is that traditional stiffeners are omitted. It is unique in its design and craftsmanship. So as to achieve the purpose of high product quality and low manufacturing cost. In the actual process, it is also necessary to cooperate with spot welding.

4. Using the characteristics of thin cutting seam and high precision of the laser, one cutting (with micro-connection) and four bending times are used to complete four workpieces. It breaks through the design idea under the traditional craftsmanship, and achieves the purpose of shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

5. Due to the use of tenon structure, the whole process can be completed after the workpiece is bent with the spot welding process. The deformation of the sheet metal processing workpiece is small, and there is no need for shaping and grinding before spraying.

Due to the characteristics of the new technological process, advanced sheet metal equipment software support and design, laser cutting process, bending process. It supports 2D parts design, pipe parts design, bending workpiece design (only Bystronic bending machines are supported), and 3D graphics unfolding. And transmit the numerical control program to the designated machine through the standard computer network.

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