Four tools commonly used in sheet metal processing

2022-10-15 17:13 Admin

Sheet metal processing generally requires the cooperation of tools, and good tools can often do more with less and speed up work efficiency. And what are the tools commonly used by general sheet metal processing manufacturers? Next, we will introduce four common tools for sheet metal processing.

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1. Forming tools for sheet metal processing

(1) Top iron: It is a handheld anvil that cooperates with a hammer to repair sheet metal. It is also called a horn or a lining iron.

(2) Fixtures and prying tools: In sheet metal repair, various fixtures are often used for parts shaping, sheet metal hemming or fixed scribing.

(3) Hammer: Hammer is the basic tool in the repair of car sheet metal, and the shape and effect are also different. Commonly used in repair are: flat head hammer, poke hammer, arch hammer, intermediate hammer, etc.

2. Electrical equipment for sheet metal processing

(1) Portable grinding wheel machine: According to the diameter of the grinding wheel, it is divided into three types: 148mm, 78mm and 39mm.

(2) Disctype sand mill: Disctype sand mill is usually used for grinding operations. The particle size of the grinding wheel used is 58#, 78# or 110#, and the commonly used one is 78#.

(3) Hand drill: Hand drill is a handheld drilling tool powered by electricity. The power supply voltage is generally 240V and 40V.

3. Marking tools for sheet metal processing

(1) Compass: The compass is mainly used to draw circles or arcs, and can measure the distance between two points, or lead the scale on the steel ruler to the metal plate.

(2) Sample punch: also known as heart punch, it is mainly made of high carbon steel,

the length is between 80mm and 140mm, it is ground into two kinds of angles between 30 and 40 degrees or 60 degrees, and it is quenched.

(3) Scribing needle: Scribing needle is something used to scribble on the sheet. It is mainly made of medium carbon steel or high carbon steel.

(4) Design: The design is mainly used to draw the edge line, and it can be used to draw equally spaced leads along the edge of the sheet.

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Fourth, the work platform of sheet metal processing

The work platform is the basic part in sheet metal processing, and it is mainly used for sheet marking, blanking, leveling and straightening operations on the plane. There is no definite size specification for general sheet metal work platforms. The material of the working platform is mostly cast iron, with reinforcing ribs on the back. Fix the plate on the bracket to form a work platform.

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