What materials are used to manufacture injection molds?

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              What materials are used to manufacture injection molds?

As is known to all, injection molding processing of injection mold material selection determines the quality of the injection molding processing is indispensable to the plastic molding processing link, the proportion of its in the mold production increased year by year, according to the statistics, the injection mold processing, manufacturing accounts for 33% of the whole forming die, therefore, its position in the national economy more and more important. The main factors affecting the life of the plastic mold are: mold structure, mold material, mold processing quality, mold working state, product parts state, etc. In this process, the performance and heat treatment of die material itself play a vital role. General injection mold material processing manufacturing.

At present most carbon steel die steel because of low price, easy to use, and has a certain mechanical properties, the application is very wide. In addition to plastic die steel, there are also pre-hard plastic die steel and other die steel, among which the die steel is very many, the more commonly used are pre-hardening plastic die steel, carburizing plastic die steel and aging hardening plastic die steel. Hardened plastic mold steel is used in the processing of steel hardness rules, this kind of steel cutting function is excellent, can be directly processed in the inner cavity. Generally used for the processing of a large number of plastic products, such as mirror mold, using 32~40HRC to calculate hardness.

Mold material selection and manufacturing.

Exquisite grinding process function.

Injection molding products are of good quality and require small cavity surface roughness. If the injection cavity surface roughness is required to be less than RA0.1-0.25 and the optical surface is required to be less than Ra0.01nm, the cavity should be polished to reduce the surface roughness. Therefore, the selected steel material requires less impurity, uniform arrangement, no fiber guide, polishing should not appear pitting or orange peel defect.

Excellent thermal stability;

The shape of parts in the injection mold is often complicated, and it is difficult to reprocess after quenching. Therefore, materials with good thermal stability should be selected as far as possible. Plastic mold forming after heat treatment, due to small linear expansion coefficient, small heat treatment deformation, due to the temperature difference caused by the standard change rate is small, metallographic arrangement and standard mold stability, can reduce or stop processing, can ensure the standard precision of plastic mold and surface roughness requirements.

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