The best one Stop rapid prototype factory in Shenzhen China

2021-07-12 16:00admin

We are your reliable R & D partner. From CAD design to hand-Made   model, it is finally presented to your team faster than ever before. We use the latest rapid prototyping technology to meet your design challenges and will work with you to validate and improve new product design, functional testing and engineering validation. Our rapid prototyping services include CNC Milling processing, 3D printing, vacuum Casting, rapid prototype manufacturing, sheet metal production, And surface finishing-processing.


We are also your best manufacturing partner. We offer a range of solutions to help you expand from effective prototyping to parts manufacturing. Our extensive manufacturing experience and ability to integrate resources enable us to prototype the requirements of any production project and ensure that your parts always meet high quality standards. We provide custom parts manufacturing, including CNC machining, injection molding, die casting, sheet metal processing, surface treatment.

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