Rapid Prototyping Drives Auto Industry Research & Development

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Rapid prototyping as a comprehensive manufacturing service, it combines modern RP technology, traditional CNC machining technology, and rapid tooling technology. Its purpose is to provide design verification in a new product development phase, market evaluation, low volume trial production, and production solutions.

Even RP technology has not been widely used for a long time, it has a rapid development. Enterprises pay more and more attention to the value brought by rapid prototyping from product design and development to manufacturing. At Proto-mold. we have great advantages over automotive prototyping and often emply many methods to create automotive parts.

Rapid Prototyping in Automotive R&D

RP&M technology is mostly applied to the trial stage of Automotive R&D. The trial samples can be used as visualization, design evaluations and interference examination of CAD digital models, even for functional tests. In addition, trial products allow users to better know the appearance and performance of products that not yet engaged in mass production and then make an evaluation. The manufacturer can improve the products based on customer needs and market research. It creates favorable factors for sales and avoids the losses caused by blind production.

It has been proved that RP&M has advantages in product design optimization and shorten the product development cycle, it also helps cut the development cost, thus enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The importance of different stages of industrial design as below:

automotive design test

Product Design Optimization

The designer’s 2D or 3D data model is modeled directly by the model engineer with oil sludge and adjusting the details. Then get the parameters with the 3D scanning of the molds. The further design and improvement can be made on the basis of the original data. The next is manufacturing in rapid prototyping to get a more definite modeling program. As a result, design efficiency can be greatly improved.

In the process of product design, the discussion is very important. Visualization is an important part of product design expression, which is the cornerstone of design discussion. A fast and efficient building model can achieve higher design efficiency at the same time. In the design creative phase, from the 2D design sketch to the discussion of details, a more specific model has more clear looks and visual perception.

Size Verification and Function Test

In the engineering design stage, assembly performance of the rapid prototype parts can reflect the reasonableness of the structure size and the ease of installation. The final form of the simulation product includes dimension precision, function form, curved form, etc. It also can give a chance to verify the correctness of the installation process in physical form so as to find the problem and early solve it.

In order to achieve the various functions of a prototype, certain functional tests are needed. It includes Aerodynamic test, man-machine engineering, the mechanical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties and the service life of the product and safety standard test.

The automobile R&D in the prototype trial and experimental stage mainly include as below:

  • Data validation: to verify the correctness of body data;

  • Performance test: to verify whether the parts and assembly can meet the design requirements and improve the design plan;

  • Reliability test: to verify the strength and durability of the vehicle, including test field test, road test, wind tunnel test, collision test etc.

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