medical applications of 3D Printing AL and stainless parts

2021-06-14 21:00 admin

Materialise Medical has pioneered many leading medical applications of 3D Printing and is enabling researchers, engineers, and clinicians to revolutionize innovative personalized treatment that helps improve and save lives. Discover our open and flexible platform of software and services which forms the foundation of certified Medical 3D Printing.

Expertise throughout the entire 3D printing process

Key benefits of implementing 3D medical software

The Power of 3D Printing.
On call. On site.
Personalized implants designed to fit each patientPerfectly execute your surgical plans.

More details about the prototype project , please feel free contact with Claire,   

she has about 15 years experiences to do these project . she has been engaged in this Job since she graduated from college. She believes that she can only do one thing in her life.

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