At Industry Protot-mold we make things for you. Rapid products and parts delivered fast. Rapid tooling that delivers more parts than you are used to. First class prototypes that look like production parts. Fully functional parts that act like production parts. Flexible project solutions that fit your specific project requirements. Our MOQ starts at 1pcs for prototypes and typically goes up to 100,000 parts (plastic, metal, composites), anywhere in this range is what we would consider low-volume manufacturing.
Your Expert Prototype Manufacturer
Over 80% staffs have been in the Rapid Prototyping field All  prototypes can meet and exceed ISO9001/IATF industry standards Can give you 7 days with 24 hours online support on your  Prototype projects On your new project,We can support you from prototype to mass production Proto-mold  can sign NDA with you before sending CAD files, Proto-mold can protect your design files for Prototype
All Kinds of Prototypes to Support Your New Project
As a professional prototyping manufacturer and factory in China, Proto-mold  has been in the  prototype industry for around 15 years.
 Proto-mold  can manufacture and supply all types of prototypes made by any materials like  plastic Prototype,  metal prototype, wood prototype, rubber prototype, EVA prototype, Glass prototype and more.
We can provide you CMM test report on your  prototype, and give you professional advise based on your prototype projects.

Professional Prototype Factory to Speed up Your New Projects
Whether you need prototype or small bath production or mass production for your projects, Proto-mold can always satisfy your different needs. As one of the best leading  prototype manufacturer in China, Proto-mold can send the CMM test report or ROHS report before your delivery,it can make sure when you get the prototype with high quality and good function.

Who Use Proto-mold Prototypes

If you are a independent entrepreneur designer/innovators. And need to create a new design protects, Then Proto-mold can be your best prototype manufacturer, you can try to make a prototype here to test your design.
Design Company

If you are a design company and need to meet all kinds of clients requirements. Proto-mold can give you 100% support for your prototype . As our MOQ is 1 pcs.set, and the prototype material can range a lot.
Global Manufacturer Have R&D Ability

If you are a Global manufacturer has R&D ability. You must need our help. From Prototype to small batch production to mass production , you just need to send us your project details. Proto-mold will do the rest.
The company provide employees with a platform for learning, development and innovation,creating a team with family culture, love the job and happy at working.
All members have a responsible heart for the customer, for the company,for the job and for they families.
With the spirit of innovation, we constantly improve and optimize the existing process structure, and constantly develop new products & technologies.


Practice is the only standard to testify truth, we learning and upgrade from practice, offering the best services to each partners and customers.

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