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Stereolithography or SLA is one of the earliest 3D printing technologies and one of the most versatile. It builds parts layer by layer from a photocurable resin. A high powered UV laser is focused onto the build platform to cure the material one layer at a time.
SLA offers a range of material options and provides parts with great accuracy to CAD and a good surface finish. The parts need to be built with support structures which are removed post process. SLA is a good option for prototypes and low volume production.
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The SLS process uses powder materials. Spraying the material powder on the surface of the parts, and leveling them : With high intensity Co2 1aser
Scanning on just installed new layer into parts section.Material powder was sintered together under high intensity laser,and was linked with the formed part of below.When a layer of section finished sintering, pave a new layer of power materials, sintering the lower section selectively.
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